Your payment is ready.

Dear sir, Re: The release of your Twenty Eight Million U.S Dollars (including interest). You have been listed by the Federal Government of Nigeria among the people they are owing that could not claim their over due payment and my bank has been mandated to pay you immediately. After proper verification of your payment we […]

Dear Beneficiary,

Dear Beneficiary, This is to officially inform you that we have written to you before without getting respond from you and we believe that our previous mail did not get to you therefore we write you again.The United Nations Compensation Commission payment exercise has deposited your payment of (US$800,000 US dollars with BANK OF AFRICA,This […]

From Sudanese Refugee

Hello Dear How are you and how have you been doing dear,hope good , I am David Akamba and i am Sudan Refugee but presently in a refugee camp here in Ghana west Africa , due to the war in our country South-Sudan that led to the Death of my Father the Chief Bashir Akamba […]