My name is Emily and I have an office job where I am responsible for managing the info account. The email address for this info account is freely available on the internet…which means it receives a lot a spam…and I am responsible for going through and deleting all of it. I enjoy reading spam emails–the more dramatic and misspelled the better. I also think spam is kind of important in terms of what it signifies about how technology, generally invented with an aim of making everyone’s lives easier, is co-opted and hijacked in the name of making money, and actually now makes our lives more difficult. I don’t know if something like this already exists on the internet (I could’ve sworn I read about something like this in the New Yorker) but I hope this blog will become a catalogue of spam–the good, the bad, and the ugly. Mostly because I find spam entertaining, but also because I have this nagging feeling that its existence is somehow important.