Please Reply!

Please accept my apology for writing you this email, it is because this is the only way to get to you, i believe great friends knows each other but one day..
My name is Mrs. Angela Gude, wife to late Dr. Nelson Gude, from South Sudan.
I had three children, but my husband and two other children were killed during the political mayhem in my country, the rebels attacked our house, and killed my husband and two other children, and burnt our house and everything in it, in Juba, South Sudan.
I and my remaining little son flee from South Sudan, and we arrived to Ivory Coast, with the help of U.N Refugee Agency.
I want you to assist me, and be my Investment Partner, because a foreign partner is needed to get the fund released for transfer, as designed by my late husband during deposit in the bank.
I have agreed to offer you 30% of the entire fund US$12.6 million (Twelve million, six hundred thousand dollars) you will also help me to invest the remaining 70% in any profitable venture.
I will direct you on how to contact the bank.
The bank deposit document with me.
I await your urgent reply!
Mrs. Angela Gude.


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