It was the most amazing feeling in my life he lasted 2 hours!

I had been suffering from ED on and off for over a year now, and like most men, you really have to experience it to know the knock it gives not just to your confidence.

Recently I confided in a very good friend the problems I was having, and was stunned to find he had been using THIS for well over 18 months. The long and the short of it is, he supplied me with this and a lot of good advice.

So for the first time last night, I took one and tried it out. Well for almost an 10 minutes nothing happened, despite the best efforts of my lovely wife, then BANG, the hardest I have had for many years. Not too sure why it seemed to take longer for me then others, but God, was it good when it did.

The bottom line is that we made love on 5 separate occasions that evening, something I have never managed since my early twenties, and wow, was it great to be able to do it again ! What amazed me more then anything, was not just how hard you get, but how easy it is to do it again and again in a short space of time.


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