The Simple Economics

Dear Professor James Poterba,

Pardon me for take the liberty to send this email. I am a Chinese amateur writer.

My economical thinking and suggestion are quite different to the main stream so it impossible to publish. I think the whole modern science is in a very strange state of egnoring the simplicity the whole nature the whole structure of the matters they studied , the economics is deep in it. If my article tell a truth it has great value obviously, if it is not nobody tell me where it is wrong. I send this email to you just hope you could give some advice. If it is a truth it can save the U.S.A the whole go to a right direction. I totally believe it. But obviously there is no chance if the public do not know it. Hope you could give some help if you think it worth.

For some political reasons my article is almost impossible to be published in mainland China. Now I am in a very strange state of being blocked. There are some historical reasons for this, I had some special thoughts in 1995 which is devastating even now. But the main reason is in China from politics to academic are popular in the sycophant rather than innovation. This is a society of total sycophant. This is a land without innovation but with the stifle to innovation. I really don’t hope the United States is the same. I am now in a very closed state, and basically no communication with the academic.

The following is an email I sent to a some of professors from the Department of physics, philosophy, and Economics. You can see some of my thinkings so I put it here. I have been sent it to Harvard University, University of Cambridge, MIT, Northwestern University and so on. I was disguised as a kind monster. Of course there is no monster in real world but I am almost a monster in science. There are some angry words bellow, but also say some of the facts. Under the present condition obviously who want this monster first he will follows whom, no second choice, no matter how the objective hindrance, believe him. Enclosed the article The Suggestion just for browse.

Yours sincerely,
Song Pei xin

Email to university:

Dear Cool Professor,

A monster sneak into heaven, living there happily for a period. From there to watch the earth all things is very clear because the sky is pure and every soul is sincere and everything is real and every president is selfless in heaven. The environment washed his soul and he became a kind monster. He found many things is very funny in the earth, so wrote down what he had seen. God found him and threw him down back to the earth for he was not allowed there. Now he tell you what he saw what is real in this world. He hope this message could make human wake up and escape from claws of fallacy. The monster did not learn English well above the top of sky so pardon the mistakes in this message please.


Is time or space a really physical existence ? Just like a particular a stone, chair, atom, photon, and so on any physical existence which can be identified ? Whether or not for modern physics or philosophy should go to answer such questions first and then carry out a number of theories and experiments of time and space? The process and volume are the attributes of any real existence. The collection of all beings is the whole universe, and the universe must have two attributes of process and volume too. How can the attributes of an existence be an independent existence ? How come there is any independent change of it? Any existence which can change independently must have a variety of attributes, such as process, volume, location, shape, speed, etc, where to find these attributes in time or space? Is not it logical that modern physics, which has been changing time and space, should give the physical proof of the existence of the two and its various properties first?

Thinking of more than thirty years, I always feel that there is a trend in modern academic which ignored the simplest and most basic concept. In many subjects with high theoretical component, such as theoretical physics, basic physics, philosophy, economics, sociology, psychology and so on, all have the trend ignoring the most basic. Without the firm and correct of basic concept there will not be a reasonable and healthy overall structure, this do not seem to be a too profound reason. But the modern academic has sink into the trend of seeking the profound and ignoring the simple, and causing many deep rooted huge mistake, such as the change of space and time. No professional liar, but the emperor’s new clothes parade has been huge, error almost kidnapped the entire human. If the nature of time and space does not exist and can not change, what the whole LIGO are doing? If space or time is a physical reality, why is there no any physical proof of its existence? Human beings have invested too much mental and physical resources in it. Is science a thing do not want basic concept and logic? Very funny. The problem now is that everything that is taught and learned all taken for the truth. What is truth? This is not something that human beings can decide, only nature has the right to do so. Looking back and do things from the most simple, I think this is the academic direction should be.

Those who think that philosophy and logic can not deny the mathematical formula and some so-called physical proof actually do not really know what is philosophy and what is physics. On the cognitive path philosophy should be the soul, the concept and logic should be dominant, the experiment, equipment and mathematics should be the means. But modern physics is just the opposite. What will happen if split a living, sensitive, flexible thing into half ? In fact, this is now the portrait of the philosophy and physics. If philosophy and physics are two separated families, each take care of their own things, then in fact philosophy can not be true philosophy, physics can not be true physics. Now the physics problem is lost its philosophical guide, so there is no direction, method and purpose; and the philosophical problem now is already out of the actual physical reality and become narcissistic philosophy. Physics and philosophy are the real ones then can be an alive and sensitive souls moving on the path of cognition. The great and profound problems manifested by the change of space and time, the Theory of Relativity, LIGO project and so on are not a problem in a part. With all due respect, modern education and academic system, as well as the economic, social and political systems that support it, are problematic. From the point of view that the changed time and space are so popular, is the problems few in the whole system of civilization? The prevailing orthodox philosophy is no longer a true living philosophy. True philosophy can not tolerate to go back, even one such a logical mathematical formula, or the so-called experiment proved by the so-called facts. Physics without true philosophy is tantamount to a brain death in a vegetative state, is the portrait of modern physics: changing a real non- existent for more than a hundred years. What is true philosophy? The sword to slaughter the fallacy, cut its neck directly. The experiment that I suggested in the article is based on the pure concept and logic. The reason for this is that modern science has ignored the most basic concepts and logic for too long time.

“All is one”, the most important principle which has not been realized by modern physics. One is the objective nature which can not saw by human; All are some parts we felt and other parts we can not feel of the one, and the artificial parts — the concepts installed for human own use when they feel and describe the world. If human do not understand this, they will never be able to get the final truth of nature. Modern physics just put all its discoveries into independent objects which do not related to each other, and so far there is no a whole image of truth abstracted and integrated by modern physics using the results discovered in the history of physics. If a smart blind know that each thing he touched just is some part of an elephant, if he used the imagination to integrate the various parts into a whole image, then he can get the look of an elephant. This is exactly what modern physics needs to do. Electromagnetic waves, quantum, particles, gravity, stars, sensual emptiness, etc. each is which parts of the natural truth that is seemingly remote? Actually with this direction and mode of thinking the ultimate truth of the universe has basically emerged. Unfortunately modern physics and philosophical thinking has been fixed in the mode of the Theory of Relativity. I just did two things in my book The Theory of One, the first is to clarify the concept related only to sense and consciousness, clear cognitive barriers. This include ,time and space, force, mass, energy, motion and stillness. The second was to integrate each component which has discovered hitherto by science into a whole organic image. What is electricity? What is light? What is gravitation, quantum, atom, electron? In fact there is one question: what is the last truth? The conventional view is that it is impossible to find the ultimate truth of nature through the arrangement of simple concept and logic. But just opposite. The final truth of nature never in a corner, must in the whole of the universe. It is in the process, is changing, moving, connecting to each other. And the only thing called head could abstract out the picture. Any scientific equipment, even to build an accelerator ten thousand times bigger, only can get one part of the truth.

The development of modern physics is based on perception, description, conventional concepts and practical principles, rather than from the original physical truth. That is to say, “the habit of science” or “the setting of science” is to obey and serve the human beings, but not to the original truth of nature. It is the work of science to make this difficult transition. It is impossible for the human perception to get rid of the bondage of the senses, but the human thoughts must be free from the bondage. Instruments and equipment can broaden certain degree of sensory ability, without the follow-up of thinking and imagination the cognition may go into the dead end. The phenomena, laws and principles that we perceived are not exactly the real world phenomena, laws and principles, they all set by blind. As for the physical truth, what we can not see is far more important than what we can see, and it is perfect only when the two is combined. For example the concept of stillness is only belong to human sense, and is the basis of almost all existing principles of physics, but there is no any stillness in the real physical world. The real stillness of physics is the real death in the physical sense, that is non-existence. And the concept of “object” is based entirely on the concept of stillness. If there is only regular movement and change in the real world, there is no so-called stillness, motion and object just are two concepts established by sense, (This sentence sounds frightful, but this direction exactly is the direction of modern physics in more than a hundred years, such as light, field, quantum, wave-particle duality, and so on.) so there is no mathematical language to describe it? Don’t know if this is too naive, the mathematics experts do not laughed please. I sometimes think of a universal mathematical formula that contains all of the existing physical formulas, both stillness in the present concept also the motion in the present concept.

Lao Tzu, Chuang-tzu, Cao Xueqin and so on a large number of Chinese ancient scholars, they are not so rich in modern knowledge and information, can be said that a junior middle school students’ information are more than them, but in the whole grasp of truth of the nature the ancients were more accurate than the scientists who playing with the accelerator, why ? The neglect of the most basic concepts and logic of modern scholarship has come to the extreme. (please refer to The Theory of One in the third chapter, The modern misunderstanding of yuan qi.) Of course the true knowledge is power, but false knowledge is not the yoke or the magic potion ? Is there any false in the true ? Of course the electromagnetic wave is true, but this concept is completely in place in the face of the truth? Is the post claimed by that blind man is true knowledge about the elephant? What would it be like to use a post to explain an whole elephant ? This concept`s not in place just is the false existing in the true. Of course what learned and taught in School called knowledge, but ignored by most people, no matter what learned is the truth or falsehood, in both teaching and learning, the observation and thinking angle, position, methods have been teaching imperceptibly. It is impossible for human cognition to go forward and not to break through these shackles. Knowledge is important, the premise is true knowledge; and the method, position, direction and angle is more important. Just these factors can change difficulty into easiness. This is the mean that Lao Tzu said:”Difficulty and easiness change into each other”. Lot of difficulties just because the researcheres make wrong to these factors. No one can get a right answer if he stand in a wrong place through a wrong angle with a wrong method. And no one tell when all human so.

LIGO can not be wrong, the whole of modern physics can not make such a big mistake so low, anyone would think so. So who has been given out, who can give out the experimental proof of the existence of time or space and a number of parameters which a physical existence must have? Who can give the minimum physical parameters such as volume, hardness, mass, shape, etc of the “time particle” or “space particle”? Or LIGO who dare to declare that they are trying to catch the time and space is actually a kind of non-existent? Is it possible to exist in nature such as the thing of time and space in the present physics, both can bend and change but have not the parameters of the a real existence ? Want or not for these most basic concepts and logic ? Is it possible do not want? Shouldn’t physics first find out that a basic concept is or not a real physical reality? Concept and logic should be the soul of any subject. If the basis of theoretical physics is wrong, what should scientists do? To correct an error or to continue a number of costly gravitational exploration projects? The parade of the emperor’s new clothes continue anyway? How long will it take? Innovation is actually more of a kind of spirit, a method and attitude.

In form the experiment I suggested is in fact a Michelson-Moley experiment that just changes the direction of detection, but the subject and purpose are very different. If in the direction vertical to the ground surface can get a result much more bigger than the result of 0.01 variation of the interference fringes of light in the experiment of Michelson-Moley, I think modern physics theory can not explain the result, and this result is showing that the overall direction of modern physics theory is wrong. The true meaning of this figure in nature is the yuan-qi, the predecessor of all the physical objects’ velocity to the ground. So this experiment has great significance. If this experiment result so, the human physical understanding can be a big step forward, and the false direction of theoretical physics can be corrected. I also hope that the experts in the field of optics can give advice, conditional laboratory can do this experiment. My knowledge of optics is basically zero, but I feel that this experiment should not be a particularly complex experiment for modern optics. I have to admit that it takes courage to stand on the opposite side of the mainstream to do this experiment. But science should not be religion. The only thing that can judge the right and wrong of human cognition is the objective fact that is impossible to change, and only truth can stand the test of time and history. Science should open its broad inclusive and tolerant mind to divergent thinking and innovative ideas, and should not like a religion reject and blow the dissident thought.

The direction of modern civilization is essentially the direction of human self-esteem, rather than the direction of truth. The fallacy has been very cleverly integrated with human pride. I remember Einstein said a word in his last years , “none of the concepts is solid and reliable”. If this was his message to mankind, mankind has not yet received it. The whole of human is still enjoying the fame, status, and interests of the fallacy. Human is still conflicting with the great destruction of truth. In decades ago Dingell, a Professor of physics at University of London wrote a book, Science is on the crossroad. But I think his book did not hit the mark. It is still the choice now: Want truth or continue the parade?

Before his die if Einstein has realized his mistake, this was most likely because he was a very sensitive person, if he can break the shackles of self-esteem to tell the human that the Theory of Relativity was wrong, then he is a perfect great man. His greatness is not in how much he has led mankind to make a mistake, but rather that he is brave enough to admit his mistakes, and to save the human race for more than 60 years of confusion of cognitive orientation. No if. In this point to correct a mistake is greater than make a discovery. In fact you can see Einstein had a lot of pain before his death even world weary mood expressions in his literature. Is real Einstein great? I believe how sincere he is and how great he is. His weakness is in fact the current weakness of all mankind, and his obstacle is in fact the obstacle of all mankind on the road to go forward. Civilization has developed to an unprecedented stage: False self-esteem is the root cause of almost all human suffering. After all, paper can not wrap a fire. Only objective facts can make judgments on mankind. Even if not now, even after another 60 years, even 600 years later, even if all the existing you, me and him, all greatness and minuteness have gone to dust, hidden in the corner of historical memory, still truth is the only way which human must go through. We are writting history on every moment. The greatness of truth is not how popular, only common sense can be popular; the greatness of truth is that it is so rare, that all shown by humanity, nation and country, history and tradition, system and structure, custom and idea, status and fame, politics and academic etc, is basically exclusive to it.

If China is now caught in a historic structural folly, I think the developed world is caught in a stupidity of system of structure. Is China or the developed world more silly? From the angle the rate of economic growth to see the developed world is more. From the angle of the social unfair to see China is more. Now it seems that both difficult to get rid of it, the D.W may be a little better. And my article about economics, physics, humanity or social structure which do not finished yet just touched the most sensitive place of this stupidity. No matter what sort of person I was, no matter how my personal identity, under a condition that I have proposed an experiment, that the existing scientific theories can not explain the result, the academic circles ignored the my suggest for nearly ten years, the phenomenon should make people think. I don’t hope my nationality to be an obstacle to the realization of truth. I had a lot of hope for the D.W, I sincerely believed that the D.W could truly protect free speech, justice and human rights. I was naive to think that the D.W would at least welcome the discovery of the truth which obviously is good for science, for their country, and the public. Now it seems that the conflict against the truth is not unique to China. The form is different, the essence is similar. If politicians do not stand in the position of selfless, if scientists do not stand in the position of selfless, if a country do not stand in the selfless position, if the whole mass is still blind before truth, this is still a pure animal world. Language and thought are modern forms of animal instinct. I must admit that the Europe had made tremendous contributions to the world that are hard to calculate in the recent human history. My hope is to be an academic man with no nationality, and to devote myself to the whole of mankind, so that the academic truth can be revealed and the suffering of mankind will be eliminated.

I think privately, if the article The Theory of One I had written in 2007 can be published by then and discussed to attract the attention of academia, some gravity probing projects such as the LIGO can not to sink so deep, as I knew the investment of the LIGO is $8 billion; I also believe that if The Simple Economics I wrote in March, 2015 is a truth that if the world from the academic to the public can be aware that the existing economic system is foolish, if my economic reform proposals can be implemented, regardless of the poor to the rich, the poor countries to the rich countries, all is a good thing to them. Because the overall wealth increases, because wealth flows to the place it really should flows to, so many problems now seem desperate difficult could be solved, such as unemployment, refugees or even terrorism. But now even the public discussion of my article has no chance; I also believe in private that, if as a whole humans could realize that the human is still pure animal that the animal instinct still determines all things, determines the thoughts, doctrine, political system, economic system, social structure, international relations, academic truth, art form, war or peace and so on all human field and aspects, perhaps the whole human can jump out of the bondage of instinct, to create a better and happy world. Perhaps what has happened, such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the war in Iraq, the war in Libya, and so on, the wars has made the human race even more miserable could not happen in the future. It seems that this vision very elusive. This principle can be so simple just the sentences above, but it is impossible to achieve by the whole human, so close and so hard to reach. It is human nature that prevents people from really knowing themselves. The most difficult thing is to know self, no matter a person or all human being. The cognition of human to themselves is essentially equivalent to the cognition of physics to nature, both is moving towards an unknown place. The difference is that one is the objective world one is themselves. In this cognition the academic should play a key role, and if the academic itself is ruled by the negative side of human nature, it can only be a tragedy. In 1995 I wrote a very simple article about a society, human nature and the whole silly of the United States, just like a clay ox entering the sea, drowned in a vast expanse of modern information, submerged in the torrent of humanity in civilization.

I did not go to college, but in 2005 an accidental thinking let me fall into science. One insight of the properties of space-time made me realize their essence is not exist, so in 2007 I finished The Theory of One. Now looking back, if I had been able to go to college on a regular path, I might not have been able to make these discoveries. My identity is very confusing now, already more than and 50 years old, no formal job. Work for a while and then study for a while, you can imagine the life of the people at the bottom of China. Also there are many institutional obstacles in China. To tell you the truth I have no confidence in this country. It seems that China have never been on the right track and never could go on the right track. I have confidence in my own research, in my own unique position, methods and attitudes, but I am discouraged by the artificial factors in the academic, and I am discouraged by some human nature of civilization. I enclose The Simple Economics which I wrote, and you can glance it over. Now I have some ideas about the structure of society and the nature of human beings, I have written a little bit, and it is also subversive to the main stream. It is much more difficult to write than physics and Economics. The difficulty is the clue of this problem is too much, I do not have the mood of writing in a lot of time.

If the truth makes me stand on the opposite side of almost all human beings, there is really no way out. No one is willing to take the initiative to seek solitude. I only hope that the whole human is more likely to turn to the truth. Only sincere can get the heart of the truth, sincere is that one has the courage to deny no matter what kind of mistake have made, all the human cognitive confusion is actually out of this sentence can not be fully realized. Progress of the whole cognition of human is mainly due to the different thinking, how different how progress can make. Although I am in a very corner of this world, but I am very clear what happening in the world. I hope that the D.W can get rid of the whole institutional structural stupidity, more likely turn to truth, I repeat it here. This is a good thing for science, for the world, including me.

So,dear professor, is time or space a real physical existence in this world ? Do the whole human still need another 60 years to answer this question ? Do the whole physics the whole human still need not to answer this question immediately ? God is shy to see the present world.


Report of the kind monster end here. In the fighting with a bigger evil real monster in Asian mainland he lost his immortal ability. He is now roving on the northern outskirts of Beijing, China, almost a beggar. The Chinese government gave him a code only a monster could have: 宋 培 新, 23102719650501571X. Now he is almost isolated by an invisible strength in this land. If you think this message is totally nonsense, is evil, can make mankind more misery, then you eliminate the traces of it quickly please, don’t let it befog the minds of the people. If you think this is a blessing from heaven, you can convey it to the people, please help. Please recommend it to publish the article in the journal of your human University, or to discuss and implement the experiment suggested in the article. If this request do not obey your human regulations, hope anything could do to let the world know the truth if you think it is. This monster even do not have enough data to pass your registration of some academic journal. The monster believe that only sincerity and kindness can save the world. And he believes that in most people’s hearts. You can send these two article to some big potato if you think the articles can make the world more happy. Welcome any discussion to this lonely monster, he can receive your email from the web.

Any form of help to this kind monster will be appreciated from his heart !

Yours sincerely,

Phone: 13671046755
Address: changpingqu yangfangzhen xiguanshicun nanjie 14 hao, Beijing, China
Please send response to this address: [redacted]


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