Can You Be Trusted>>

I know that this proposal will come to you as a big surprise considering the fact that we have not had any formal acquaintance before or met in person but all the same I want you for the sake of God to give this an immediate attention in view of the fact that the security of life and possession is at stake.

I am daughter of Maamoun Hamdan the Finance Minister to the syria goverment, i and my brother are in the refugee camp in israel bother camp, my father gave me a document of his fund deposied in security company in UK and USA, please i will need your help to claim the fund so that i and my brother can move down to your country to continue out education and you helping us invest the found, the fund is worth $28.5 million USD. i have all the legal documemt fund.

I will willingly agree to any suitable percentage of the money you will propose as your compensation for your assistance with regards to the above .please in view of our sensitive refugee status and as we are still conscious of our father’s enemies, I would like you to give this a highly confidential approach. I await your response.

Thank Regard.
Miss. Alima Hamdan


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