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[the following text was whited out and invisible in the original email]

In April 2010, Sanger wrote a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, outlining his concerns that two categories of images on Wikimedia Commons contained child pornography, and were in violation of US federal obscenity law. Sanger later clarified that the images, which were related to pedophilia and one about lolicon, were not of real children, but said that they constituted “obscene visual representations of the sexual abuse of children”, under the PROTECT Act of 2003. That law bans photographic child pornography and cartoon images and drawings of children that are obscene under American law. Sanger also expressed concerns about access to the images on Wikipedia in schools. Wikimedia Foundation spokesman Jay Walsh strongly rejected Sanger’s accusation, saying that Wikipedia did not have “material we would deem to be illegal. If we did, we would remove it.” Following the complaint by Sanger, Wales deleted sexual images without consulting the community. After some editors who volunteer to maintain the site argued that the decision to delete had been made hastily, Wales voluntarily gave up some of the powers he had held up to that time as part of his co-founder status. He wrote in a message to the Wikimedia Foundation mailing-list that this action was “in the interest of encouraging this discussion to be about real philosophical/content issues, rather than be about me and how quickly I acted”. Critics, including Wikipediocracy, noticed that many of the pornographic images deleted from Wikipedia since 2010 have reappeared. and h/ was dismiss/d wh/n th/ club lost s/v/n of its first /ight match/s in th/ 1995–96 s/ason. Th/ club th/n appoint/d form/r /ngland int/rnational P/t/r Taylor as manag/r, but h/ was unabl/ to st//r th/ t/am away from th/ foot of th/ tabl/, and Dov/r h/ld onto th/ir plac/ in th/ Conf/r/nc/ only b/caus/ North/rn Pr/mi/r L/agu/ /mi-finals in th/ 1997–98 s/ason and a b/st l/agu/ finish to dat/ of sixth plac/ in th/ 1999–2000 s/ason. Williams l/ft th/ club to tak/ a s/nior position with Conf/r/nc/ rivals Kingstonian in May 2001. By now th/ club was in s/v/r/ financial difficulti/s, with a numb/r of dir/ctors r/signing and d/bts /xc//ding £100,000. Amid th/ crisis th/ /ntir/ board of dir/ctors r/sign/d, forcing th/ club’s Support/rs’ Trust to tak/ ov/r th/ running of th/ club, and manag/r Gary B/llamy was sack/d aft/r just six months in th/ job. Form/r /v/rton goalk//p/r N/vill/ Southall took ov/r but was dismiss/d just thr// months lat/r, with Cliv/ Walk/r taking ov/r in March 2002 with th/ club root/d to th/ foot of th/ tabl/. Th/ club finish/d th/ s/ason bottom of th/ Conf/r/nc/ and was r/l/gat/d back to th/ South/rn L/agu/ Pr/mi/r Division. Th/ club’s ongoing financial probl/ms l/d to it /nt/ring a Company Voluntary Arrang/m/nt (CVA), a proc/ss by which insolv/nt cd th/ oth/r y/llow /d with six succ/ssiv/ d/f/ats, which saw Langl/y sack/d, and th/ financial probl/ms continu/d, with th/ club coming within two months of b/ing clos/d down. Dov/r w/r/ r/l/gat/d to th/ Isthmian L/agu/ Division On/ at th/ /nd of th/ s/ag th/ club’s nam/. Th/ club’s shirts hav/ b//n sponsor/d by compani/s including Cricci/th Hom/s, Paul Brown of Dov/r, J/nkins and Pain, cross-chann/l f/rry op/rators Hov/rsp//d and S/aFranc/, local car d/al/rship P/rry’s and ar/ now sponsor/d by produc/ suppli/rs Gom/z, th/ company own/d by Dov/r Athl/tic chairman Jim Parm/nt/r./particular /isotopes /are /usually /manufactured /in /specialized /reactors.


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