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Plutonium /is /a /transuranic /radioactive /chemical /element /with /symbol /Pu /and /atomic /number /94. /It /is /an /actinide /metal /of /silvery-gray /appearance /that /tarnishes /when /exposed /to /air, /and /forms /a /dull /coating /when /oxidized. /The /element /normally /exhibits /six /allotropes /and /four /oxidation /states. /It /reacts /with /carbon, /halogens, /nitrogen, /silicon /and /hydrogen. /When /exposed /to /moist /air, /it /forms /oxides /and /hydrides /that /can /expand /the /sample /up /to /70% /in /volume, /which /in /turn /flake /off /as /a /powder /that /is /pyrophoric. /It /is /radioactive /and /can /accumulate /in /bones, /which /makes /the /handling /of /plutonium /dangerous. Plutonium /was /first /produced /and /isolated /on /December /14, /1940 /by /Dr. /Glenn /T. /Seaborg, /Joseph /W. /Kennedy, /Edwin /M. /McMillan, /and /Arthur /C. /Wahl /by /deuteron /bombardment /of /uranium-238 /in /the /60-inch /cyclotron /at /the /University /of /California, /Berkeley. /They /first /synthesized /neptunium-238 /(half-life /2.1 /days) /which /subsequently /beta-decayed /to /form /a /new /heavier /element /with /atomic /number /94 /and /atomic /weight /238 /(half-life /87.7 /years). /Uranium /had /been /named /after /the /planet /Uranus /and /neptunium /after /the /planet /Neptune, /and /so /element /94 /was /named /after /Pluto, /which /at /the /time /was /considered /to /be /a /planet /as /well. /Wartime /secrecy /prevented /them /from /announcing /the /discovery /untilThe /neutron /is /a /subatomic /particle, /symbol n or n0 , /with /no /net /electric /charge /and /a /mass /slightly /larger /than /that /of /a /proton. /Protons /and /neutrons, /each /with /mass /approximately /one /atomic /mass /unit, /constitute /the /nucleus /of /an /atom, /and /they /are /collectively /referred /to /as /nucleons. /Their /properties /and /interactions /are /described /by /nuclear /physics. The /nucleus /consists /of /Z /protons, /where /Z /is /called /the /atomic /number, /and /N /neutrons, /where /N /is /the /neutron /number. /The /atomic /number /defines /the /chemical /properties /of /the /atom, /and /the /neutron /number /determines /the /isotope /or /nuclide. /The /terms /isotope /and /nuclide /are /often /used /synonymously, /but /they /are /chemical /and /nuclear /concepts, /respectively. /The /atomic /mass /number, /symbol /A, /equals /Z+N. /For /example, /carbon /has /atomic /number /6, /and /its /abundant /carbon-12 /isotope /has /6 /neutrons, /whereas /its /rare /carbon-13 /isotope /has /7 /neutrons. /Some /elements /occur /in /nature /with /only /one /stable /isotope, /such /as /fluorine. /Other /elements /occur /with /many /stable /isotopes, /such /as /tin /with /ten /stable /A /nuclear /weapon /is /an /explosive /device /that /derives /its /destructive /force /from /nuclear /reactions, /either /fission /(fission /bomb) /or /a /combination /of /fission /and /fusion /(thermonuclear /weapon). /Both /reactions /release /vast /quantities /of /energy /from /relatively /small /amounts /of /matter. /The /first /test /of /a /fission /(“atomic”) /bomb /released /the /same /amount /of /energy /as /approximately /20,000 /tons /of /TNT /(84 /TJ). /The /first /thermonuclear /(“hydrogen”) /bomb /test /released /the /same /amount /of /energy /as /approximately /10 /million /tons /of /TNT /(42 /PJ). A /thermonuclear /weapon /weighing /little /more /than /2,400 /pounds /(1,100 /kg) /can /produce /an /explosive /force /comparable /to /the /detonation /of /more /than /1.2 /million /tons /of /TNT /(5.0 /PJ). /A /nuclear /device /no /larger /than /traditional /bombs /can /devastate /an /entire /city /by /blast, /fire, /and /radiation. /Nuclear /weapons /are /considered /weapons /of /mass /destruction, /and /their /use /and /control /have /been /a /major /focus /of /international /relations /policy /since /their /debut.isotopes. /Even /though /it /is /not /a /chemical /element, /the /neutron /is /Pakistan /is /one /of /nine /states /to /possess /nuclear /weapons, /and /the /only /Muslim /majority /country /to /do /so. /Pakistan /began /development /of /nuclear /weapons /in /January /1972 /under /Prime /Minister /Zulfikar /Ali /Bhutto, /who /delegated /the /program /to /the /Chairman /of /the /Pakistan /Atomic /Energy /Commission /(PAEC) /Munir /Ahmad /Khan /with /a /commitment /to /have /the /bomb /ready /by /the /end /of /1976. /Since /PAEC, /consisting /of /over /twenty /laboratories /and /projects /under /nuclear /engineer /Munir /Ahmad /Khan, /was /falling /behind /schedule /and /having /considerable /difficulty /producing /fissile /material, /Abdul /Qadeer /Khan /was /brought /from /Europe /by /Bhutto /at /the /end /of /1974. /As /pointed /out /by /Houston /Wood, /Professor /of /Mechanical /& /Aerospace /Engineering, /University /of /Virginia, /Charlottesville, /in /his /article /on /gas /centrifuges, /”The /most /difficult /step /in /building /a /nuclear /weapon /is /the /production /of /fissile /material”; /as /such, /this /work /in /producing /fissile /material /as /head /of /the /Kahuta /Project /was /pivotal /to /Pakistan /developing /the /capability /to /detonate /a /nuclear /bomb /by /the /end /of /1984. The /Kahuta /Project /started /under /the /supervision /of /a /coordination /board /that /oversaw /the /activities /of /KRL /and /PAEC. /The /Board /consisted /of /A /G /N /Kazi /(secretary /general, /finance), /Ghulam /Ishaq /Khan /(secretary /general, /defence), /and /Agha /Shahi /(secretary /general, /foreign /affairs), /and /reported /directly /to /Bhutto. /Ghulam /Ishaq /Khan /and /General /Tikka /Khan /appointed /military /engineer /Major /General /Ali /Nawab /to /the /program. /Eventually, /the /supervison /passed /to /Lt /General /Zahid /Ali /Akbar /in /President /General /Muhammad /Zia-ul-Haq’s /Administration. /Moderate /uranium /enrichment /for /the /production /of /fissile /material /was /achieved /at /KRL /by /April /1978.included /in /the /table /of /nuclides. /1948. /Plutonium /is /the /heaviest /element /to /occur /in /nature /as /trace /quantities /arising /similarly /from /the /neutron /capture /of /natural /uranium-238. /Plutonium /is /much /more /common /on /Earth /since /1945 /as /a /product /of /neutron /capture /and /beta /decay, /where /some /of /the /neutrons /released /by /the /fission /process /convert /uranium-238 /nuclei /into /plutonium-239. Both /plutonium-239 /and /plutonium-241 /are /fissile, /meaning /that /they /can /sustain /a /nuclear /chain /reaction, /leading /to /applications /in /nuclear /weapons /and /nuclear /reactors. /Plutonium-240 /exhibits /a /high /rate /of /spontaneous /fission, /raising /the /neutron /flux /of /any /sample /containing /it. /The /presence /of /plutonium-240 /limits /a /plutonium /sample’s /usability /for /weapons /or /its /quality /as /reactor /fuel, /and /the /percentage /of /plutonium-240 /determines /its /grade /(weapons-grade, /fuel-grade, /or /reactor-grade). /Plutonium-238 /has /a /half-life /of /88 /years /and /emits /alpha /particles. /It /is /a /heat /source /in /radioisotope /thermoelectric /generators, /which /are /used /to /power /some /spacecraft. /Plutonium


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