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[the following text was whited out and invisible in the original email]

Because /the /Sun, /Moon, /stars, /and /other /objects /orbited /the /planet /in /the /cosmology /of /Middle-earth /they /were /considered /part /of /Arda, /leading /to /Arda /sometimes /being /called /the /’Solar /System’ /of /Middle-earth. /The /term /for /the /Earth /itself, /excluding /these /celestial /bodies, /was /Ambar /or /Imbar. Originally /the /Earth /(Arda) /was /flat, /the /continents /were /surrounded /by /a /mighty /ocean /(or /perhaps /by /space), /Ekkaia /or /Vaiya, /the /Encircling /Sea. /The /central /and /western /continents /- /respectively /Middle-earth /and /Aman /- /were /separated /by /Belegaer, /also /called /the /Great /Sea /and /the /Sundering /Seas. /In /the /First /Age, /the /area /in /the /northwest /of /Middle-earth /was /occupied /by /the /large /region /of /Beleriand, /but /this /was /mostly /destroyed /and /submerged /in /the /War /of /Wrath /at /the /end /of /that /Age. There /was /also /a /separate /continent /south /and /east /of /Middle-earth /called /the /Dark /Land. /Another /separate /continent /to /the /east /of /Middle-earth /was /the /relatively /small /Land /of /the /Sun, /so /called /because /when /the /world /was /flat /the /Gates /of /the /Sun /were /near /there, /and /it /would /be /scorched. /Information /regarding /both /was /vague. Most /of /Tolkien’s /stories /take /place /in /the /north-west /region /of /the /continent /of /Middle-earth, /also /called /the /Hither /Lands. /Other /regions /included /Harad, /though /”Harad” /means /”South” /and /while /properly /used /for /the /region /immediately /south /of /Gondor /and /Mordor /was /often /loosely /used /to /refer /to /every /land /to /the /south. /There /were /many /stretches /of /sun-scorched /desert /in /Near /Harad, /but /there /was /supposedly /a /jungle /beyond /it /which /few /had /ever /ventured /to, /from /which /the /great /Oliphaunts /were /found. /Men /of /Far /Harad /are /also /described /as /being /black /skinned. /The /vast /lands /of /the /East /were /collectively /referred /to /as /Rhûn, /though /this /may /have /only /referred /to /those /immediately /east /of /the /Sea /of /Rhûn /and /River /Running. /The /Easterlings, /like /the /Haradrim, /were /a /diverse /collection /of /many /races. /There /was /even /less /knowledge /of /the /extreme /eastern /end /of /Middle-earth, /where /the /land /was /supposed /to /stop /at /another /sea. /It /is /known /that /in /ancient /times /the /great /chain /of /the /Red /Mountains /ran /north /to /south /near /here, /and /was /roughly /analogous /to /the /Blue /Mountains /of /the /west /(the /world /was /once /symmetrical /at /the /dawn /of /time). /The /race /of /Elves /originated /near /here, /though /their /original /home /of /Cuiviénen /no /longer /existed /by /the /Third /Age. /It /is /not /known /if /the /Red /Mountains /survived /into /the /Third /Age, /either /intact /or /in /some /reduced /form /(like /the /Blue /Mountains). /It /is /said /that /the /Blue /Wizards /went /far /into /the /east /of /Rhûn /and /beyond /to /stir /up /rebellions /against /Sauron /in /the /lands /he /held /sway /over, /though /the /tales /of /these /struggles /never /reached /the /west /in /detail. In /the /Second /Age, /Númenor /was /raised /in /the /Great /Sea /for /the /Edain. /This /island /existed /through /most /of /the /Second /Age, /but /was /destroyed /as /a /result /of /the /pride /of /the /Númenórean /people /in /defying /the /Ban /of /the /Valar /and /sailing /to /Aman /in /the /west. After /the /destruction /of /Númenor, /Arda /was /made /round. /Aman /was /taken /out /of /the /world, /and /could /only /be /reached /by /the /Elves, /following /the /straight /road /that /was /granted /to /them. /As /Aman /was /taken /away /from /Arda, /new /lands /and /continents /were /created /east /and /west /of /Middle-earth.The /Valar /as /spiritual /immortal /beings /have /the /ability /to /communicate /through /thought, /and /had /no /need /for /a /spoken /language, /but /it /appears /that /Valarin /developed /because /of /their /assumption /of /physical, /humanlike /(or /elf-like) /forms. /Valarin /is /unrelated /to /the /other /languages /constructed /by /J. /R. /R. /Tolkien. /Only /a /few /words /(mainly /proper /names) /of /Valarin /have /been /recorded /by /the /Elves. Valarin /was /alien /to /the /ears /of /the /Elves, /sometimes /to /the /point /of /genuine /displeasure[citation /needed], /and /very /few /of /them /ever /learned /the /language, /only /adopting /some /of /the /Valarin /words /into /their /own /Quenya. /The /Valar /knew /Quenya, /and /used /it /to /converse /with /the /Elves, /or /with /each /other /if /Elves /were /present. /Valarin /seemed /to /use /long /words; /for /example, /the /word /for /Telperion, /one /of /the /Two /Trees /of /Valinor, /Ibrîniðilpathânezel, /is /eight /syllables /long. /At /the /same /time /the /language /contained /an /unusually /high /number /of /distinct /sounds. /The /Vanyar /adopted /more /words /into /their /Vanyarin /Tarquesta /dialect /from /Valarin /than /the /Noldor, /as /they /lived /closer /to /the /Valar. /Some /of /the /Elven /names /of /the /Valar, /such /as /Manwë, /Ulmo, /and /Oromë, /are /adapted /loanwords /of /their /Valarin /names. According /to /the /earlier /conception /set /forth /in /the /Lhammas, /the /Valarin /language /family /is /subdivided /into /Oromëan, /Aulëan /and /Melkian /tongues. /In /this /work, /all /Elvish /languages /are /descended /from /the /tongue /of /Oromë, /while /the /Dwarves /spoke /the /tongue /devised /by /the /Vala /Aulë, /and /the /Speech /of /the /Orcs /was /invented /for /them /by /the /Vala /Melkor. Comparison /with /the /Eldila /of /C.S. /Lewis The /Eldila /in /The /Space /Trilogy /of /C. /S. /Lewis /bear /a /passing /resemblance /to /the /Valar. /Tolkien /and /Lewis /regularly /critiqued /one /another’s /writing, /and /Lewis /knew /of /the /Valar /before /he /wrote /Out /of /the /Silent /Planet, /the /first /book /in /the /Space /Trilogy. /Both /the /Valar /and /the /Eldila /seek /to /some /extent /to /rationalize /the /Classical /gods /with /Christian /belief; /both /are /called /not /”gods” /but /servants /of /the /single /true /God /— /Ilúvatar /in /the /one /case, /Maleldil /in /the /other. /Both /take /on /visual /”raiment” /to /be /visible /to /earthly /eyes, /and /both /have /essential /gender /identities. /But /they /differ /in /many /details. /The /Eldila /tend /to /correspond /more /closely /to /specific /Classical /gods, /and /largely /maintain /the /traditional /association /between /gods /and /planets. /The /Valar /reside /on /Earth, /while /each /Eldil /has /the

/responsibility /for /a /single /planet, /and /seems /principally /to /reside /there.


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