Your payment is ready.

Dear sir,

Re: The release of your Twenty Eight Million U.S Dollars (including interest).

You have been listed by the Federal Government of Nigeria among the people they are owing that could not claim their over due payment and my bank has been mandated to pay you immediately. After proper verification of your payment we discovered that the only reason why you have not receive your funds since is because you have not sign the original contract documents of your payment which is against our law to pay a contractor without signing any contractual agreement documents and there is no way you will receive Millions of Dollars without signing any original contract documents. Please stop blaming Nigeria Government for not releasing your funds since because you are the caused of your problem for not signing these original documents. The people that has contacted you before do not know anything about this your outstanding payment.

Right now, we are ready to send you your original contract payment documents to your address so that you can sign them as the beneficiary of this payment, there is no way you will receive Millions of Dollars without signing any original documents to backup your payment because your bank may ask you to present backup documents of your payment and what do you have to present to them? you need these original documents so that you will see what you will be presenting to your bank when we have transfered this funds to your account.

We are waiting for your urgent reply to enable us process your payment documents so that we send it to you immediately for signing and for your bank account to be credited within 24 hours after signing these documents. We need your full names and address to enable us process this your payment, waiting to receive your name and address immediately you receive this message. Please send us your name and address so that we can start processing this payment in your favor.

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs. Glory Oyinkan Adewale
Director,Foreign Operations
Union Bank of Nigeria Plc.


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