“Congratulations! You have won!”

Euromillones online promotion International
4.2- CP: 11011 Cadiz
Zone E. Spain
Email: info@euro-million.online

Dear E-mail User/Winner,

Ref code: ENR7X52419B2CO
Ticket No: 52524001164H

You have been selected as a winner on the Euromillones online end of year Lottery promotion, Your e-mail ID has emerged as a winner of 832,000.00 EUROS (Eight Hundred Thirty Two Thousand Euros) in our on-going Euromillones end of year promotion Email Lottery 2016.

We are congratulating you for having been one of the lucky people that won. In order to collect your prize money the recipient of this email is requested to contact our Europe Zonal C payment office in Spain below:

Agencia Pagos International
Avenida Pulido Salamanca 13
20142 Madrid, Spain.
E-mail: agenciapagosrepresentative@gmail.com
Tel/Fax: +34 631 673 376
(Claim Officers)
Juan Francisco Serrano
Rosa Maria Esteban

(Promo coordinator)
Isabel Pedro Ruiz


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