No more stressing over cat urine


If you have to constantly clean up cat pee aroundyour house,
it can drive you CRAZY.

It makes you wonder why your cat can’t just pee in its litter box,
like it’s supposed to.

And you get fed up with the horrible smell AND the effort involved
in cleaning it up.

Bottom line… it creates unnecessary stress that youcould do without.
And the longer this stress builds up,the worse it gets.

So much so, that many people decide to just get rid of the damn cat.

But here’s the good news… You DON’T have to do that. Instead just
give “Cat Spraying No More” a try.

It’s a step-by-step system created by a Veterinary Technician that
gets your cat to ALWAYS pee in its litter box.

And it’s backed up by a 60-day money back guarantee, which
removes any risk.
You can find it here…

Talk soon,
James Williams

[The following text was completely whited out and invisible in the original email.]

Tra/*itionally Bo/*hi/*harma i/* cre/*ite/* a/* /*oun/*er o/* the martial art/* at the /*haolin Temple. However, martial art/* hi/*torian/* have /*hown thi/* le/*en/* /*tem/* /*rom a 17th-century qi/*on/* manual known a/* the Yijin Jin/*. The authenticity o/* the Yi Jin Jin/* ha/* been /*i/*cre/*ite/* by /*ome hi/*torian/* inclu/*in/* Tan/* Hao, Xu Zhen an/* Ryuchi Mat/*u/*a. Thi/* ar/*ument i/* /*ummarize/* by mo/*ern hi/*torian Lin Boyuan in hi/* Zhon/*/*uo wu/*hu /*hi: A/* /*or the*t oral circulation an/* i/* one o/* the mo/*t “/*acre/*” o/* the narrative/* /*hare/* within Chine/*e an/* Chine/*e-/*erive/* martial art/*. That thi/* /*tory i/* clearly a twentieth-century invention i/* con/*irme/* by writin/*/* /*oin/* back at lea/*t 250 year/* earlier, which mention both Bo/*hi/*harma an/* martial art/* but make no connection between the two. Other /*cholar/* /*ee an earlier connection between /*a Mo an/* the /*haolin Mona/*tery. /*cholar/* /*enerally accept the hi/*toricity o/* /*a Mo (Bo/*hi/*harma) who arrive/* in China aroun/* 480. /*a Mo (Bo/*hi/*harma) an/* hi/* /*i/*ciple/* are /*ai/* to have live/* a /*pot about a mile /*rom the /*haolin Temple that i/* now a /*mall nunnery. In the 6th century, aroun/* 547, The Recor/* o/* the Bu/*/*hi/*t Mona/*terie/* /*ay/* /*a Mo vi/*ite/* the area near Mount /*on/*. In 645 The Continuation o/* the Bio/*raphie/* o/* Eminent Monk/* /*e/*cribe/* him a/* bein/* active in the Mount /*on/* re/*ion. Aroun/* 710 /*a Mo i/* i/*enti/*ie/* /*peci/*ically with the /*haolin Temple (Preciou/* Recor/* o/* /*harma’/* Tran/*mi/*/*ion or Chuan/*a Baoji) an/* write/* o/* hi/* /*ittin/* /*acin/* a wall in me/*itation /*or many year/*. It al/*o /*peak/* o/* Huike/* many trial/* in hi/* e/*/*ort/* to receive in/*truction /*rom /*a Mo. In the 11th century a (1004) work embelli/*he/* /*a Mo le/*en/*/* with /*reat /*etail. A /*tele in/*cription at the /*haolin Mona/*tery /*ate/* 728 reveal/* /*a Mo re/*i/*in/* on Mount /*on/*. Another /*tele in 798 /*peak/* o/* Huike /*eekin/* in/*truction /*rom /*a Mo. Another en/*ravin/* /*ate/* 1209 /*epict/* the bare/*oot /*aint hol/*in/* a /*hoe accor/*in/* to the ancient le/*en/* o/* /*a Mo. A plethora o/* 13th- an/* 14th-century /*tele/* /*eature /*a Mo in Variou/* role/*. One 13th-century ima/*e /*how/* him ri/*in/* a /*ra/*ile /*talk acro/*/* the Yan/*tze River. In 1125 a /*pecial temple wa/* con/*tructe/* in hi/* honor at the /*haolin Mona/*tery. /*e/*truction/* an/* renovation/* The mona/*tery ha/* been /*e/*troye/* an/* rebuilt many time/*. /*urin/* the Re/* Turban Rebellion in the 14th century, ban/*it/* ran/*acke/* the mona/*tery /*or it/* real or /*uppo/*e/* valuable/*, /*e/*troyin/* much o/* the temple an/* /*rivin/* the monk/* away. The mona/*tery wa/* likely aban/*one/* /*rom 1351 or 1356 (the mo/*t likely /*ate/* /*or the att


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