From Sudanese Refugee

Hello Dear

How are you and how have you been doing dear,hope good , I am David Akamba and i am Sudan Refugee but presently in a refugee camp here in Ghana west Africa , due to the war in our country South-Sudan that led to the Death of my Father the Chief Bashir Akamba Aka “Great Akamba” in the Oil Rich Land of Sudan and he was a Former Minister of Oil and Gas and also deals on Gold in my Country before he died.
I manage to escape here to Ghana and i am staying in a Refugee Camp with nothing left and i need your Help , I am sorry to come to you like this and I have to
reveal something to you and i need your help, I want you to help me retrieve my Inheritance funds In a Bank here in Ghana my father Funds in the Bank of Ghana ,
while my father was still Alive ,The Sum of $20 million us dollars he deposited with the Bank as Fix Deposit and Onward Transfer and with my name as the Next of Kin.
My father Barrister told me the Bank will not release the Money to me without proper Documentation and i Need a Foreign Beneficiary to Stand and help me Received the
Funds as it has already been deposited as Onward Transfer and i need you to help me and stand as my foreign beneficiary to Received this Funds there in your Country
for investment purpose so. And as soon as the funds is transfer to you i can come over and join you there to start a better life and you can also help me and advice
me what best i can invest this funds in and i also promise to offer to you 25% of my total inheritance for your help and assistance , please get back to me for more

Thanks and Godbless.
David Akamba.


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